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Why, you might ask, should we care about this, being your own person? Our society is free. We each can become as we choose. And we do.

Consider for a moment, this reason. Being one's own person is a development of effective, individual thinking of freedom and choice. Without this freedom of thought, of each choosing their thinking, all the freedoms of our society, of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, will have little, or no value. So, you might ask, how did this begin?

I think freedom began as the Israelites arrived at Mt Sinai, to begin their transition from bondage to freedom. I think this was something new. Their development of freedom, in being their own as a people, of becoming a people apart, eventually affected their development of being their own as individuals. The freedom of one, affected the freedom of the other.

Freedom then, became an issue of all, and of each. Consider further, what God gave to Moses, to help the people, in their transition from bondage to freedom. Law.

As human beings, we have limits. Some are natural. Some we create. And some, many believe, began with, the Creator. Law, natural, religious, or mans, creates limits. Our understanding, value of these laws and limits, is affected by what we each have chosen to learn and become.

Throughout history, the Israelites have freely given, shared with others, their knowledge and understanding, the uniqueness of their experience, of becoming free, and their own. All people then, have had an equal opportunity of learning the uniqueness, of becoming their own.

Today, when a person isn't free, of an inability to be their own, they probably suffer from some kind of bondage. 

I had a problem, a limit, bondage, that took away my freedom. I wrote of my experience. How the problem developed, and resolving the issue, in an essay titled, Freedom Begins Within. The essay is posted for downloading, near the bottom of the next page, Articles. Being able to resolve the problem had a beginning.

My parents immigrated to the United States. They got into their car in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, and drove fifty miles to Detroit. They were welcomed because they could, and did, contribute. My Dad was an Engineer, and my Mother, a Nurse. They were adventurous.

Among the things they taught me was of freedom and responsibility. That being one's own is a development of thinking and learning. That without an effort of individual responsibility, of effectively learning and resolving problems, and we all think and create problems, we don't develop.


Development then, involves our approach to experiences. Experiences are perceptions of what happened. Learning is a choice. Development, is of this choice.

There is a difference between victim and effective thinking. Effective thinking involves free thinking, of being creative and one's own. Victim thinking involves thinking and believing as one is told.

Thinking is learned. A person becomes effective. A person becomes a victim.


This process of learning that began with my parents, began to become my own as I boarded my first ship, a US Navy vessel in Yokosuka, Japan. We departed into a gale that became a typhoon. One wave measured seventy six feet. My first trip to sea was fascinating. The force of nature was magnificent. I fell in love with storms.

We arrived Kaohsiung, Formosa, in December. The Navy rented an upper floor of a building for an enlisted club. On Christmas eve, half quart cans of beer sold for a nickel. For a seventeen year old, I was in heaven. The next day, I returned to work.

Not bad for a sea story. Most that go to sea have them. Another, which for a long time I said nothing about because too often, the story seemed to top the rest. I don't like trying to make myself better than others. The story, I shut down the Panama Canal, and walked away, clean. My friends have said, Ernie, you did what the Japanese could not do in World War Two. But that is another story. And I like the Japanese.

The next page, Articles, consists of five essays. They are of thoughts and experiences, of failure and success, that contributed to becoming my own. We all experience failure. Success is of being happy and effective.

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